Call of the Blood

A cozy fire
The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

The year of our Lord 1453
Wednesday 10th of October

The road from the desolate town of Dietersgrün had been long and arduous. Through three days is the freezing autumn we traveled. the terrain becoming more mountainous the further we went. Luckily I had found a resplendent conversationalist in Dr. Rahvin, even if all the doctor said was muffled. 

On the third day, Gabriel told us we were closing in on the place of healing. The caverns of Omphalos. He had told us of a small hamlet close to the supposed cave where we might procure some succor. 

Alas, when we arrived at said place, the locals were thoroughly unfriendly. Their tongue, an amalgam of several languages, and suspicion set deep in their eyes. For being unwashed peasants living in an inhospitable mountain environ, they were extremely well built. Their physique more akin knights, or the mythical Spartans of old. Surely we could break their facade and gain some sort of hospitality. 

Master Lorgarion tried his usual "diplomacy" with all the strong-arming that entails. No help there. So I began to think about what any hamlet like this would like to entertain… Peddlers. So, I sucked it up and started peddling! This helped me get in touch with a beautiful lass named Molly. She was a treat as a conversationalist, and with a bit of wine, her speech impediment (local dialect) was not even that bad.

As we talked, I tried to lure out the secret of the village from her. Shockingly, as I had convinced her to talk, her stomach began swelling up and she started spewing some form of sulfuric mud all over the place. Needless to say, I immediately shouted for the doctor. 

It seemed the entire village was anticipating this for some reason, for they managed to arrive before Rahvin.. Something is really off about this place. They are cursed is some manner.

As the villagers tried to huddle around poor Molly, i bad Will check around the area for otfen trodden paths and heretical shrines, Lorgarion I told to check the village for anything out of the ordinary, Rahvin to help Molly as much as the doctor is capable, and Faust shall be guarding me. 

After some time has passed, we heard a thundering sound coming from the outskirts of town. We have heard this sound before, from when the travelers with the hand cannon  came through Dietersgrün. My suspicions naturally fell upon them. Me and Faust ran towards the sound. We ended up somewhere outside town, where we found poor lady Catherine shot in the flank. Alive, but barely breathing. Right besides the dog, a dark pit, 76 cubit deep. In the depths, we could barely see the corpse of Will Crow. 

Faust with his keen eyes saw some villagers behind us. One of them holding a gun… After a quick and expertly conducted trial, we slew the one holding the gun and burned the hamlet to the ground.

The task done, we set to the last rites of my old friend. To our joy, he was miraculously alive! And these are the caves of Omphalos!

...And retribution for the faithful
...Those who walk in darkness shall feel the retributing rays of the sun!

The year of our Lord 1453
Sunday 7th of October

The beginning of this entry follows the last in lock-step.

As we had made our way to Dietersgrun, we found the satanist's wagon ready and waiting for us like a gift from above. For we knew that therein was our salvation. As Faust, Will and I snuck up to the carriage, my good friend Will made Lady Catherine bark distractingly at the sinning guards. Too bad that they did not notice it, for they just kept on ravishing the poor girl. Well, I got our stuff and promptly had help donning my armor. As we finished up, the poor lilly (who previously got soulmelded to a doll) let out some sort of magical emanation. Despite a valiant effort by Faust, and Will, we quickly got overrun by guards. 

Due to the extreme predicament, we were forced to flee up the mountain and hide in the cave-system. By divine grace, the area was surely intended for us to use, by the grace of God. We utilized this to create an avalanche that smote the arch-heretic himself. We just added some cleansing flames to help him on his way to hell.

As the time grew closer to dawn, we figured we had to catch some sleep. As god planned, the cave system was perfect for our clique. I must admit that even I can fall to sin from time to time… And one of my many vices are that of curiosity. I got Dr. Hemmelfart a tad bit drunk on some of my extra strong alcohol. During the night shift I had so graciously signed up for, i snuck of the doctor's mask… I swear I will keep your secret, my good doctor. On my honor! I too know how it is to must live a life of lies.

Something strange happened this night. A scuffle between my good old friend Will, and my loyal servant Lorgarion. Will threw a rock at Lorgarion, and accused him of having been stabbed. While there is absolutely possibilities that poor Lorgarion is still under the spell of the witch, I was sure that black magic would be burned off with the rising dawn! And terrible nightmares arent that far fetched in this wretched hive of scum and villany.

After we awoke from our slumber around noon-time, we decided we should help Ottmar get his daughter back, and repay his hospitality through helping him with the recent tragedy. We found and disarmed two of the Arch-Satanists Lackeys without much preamble. One was justly executed by our (tad bit overzealous) friend Will, the other we crucified in the field outside.

I wonder what the next day will bring as we trek to this fount of healing. This holy sunday gave us the victory of God, but can we expect the same of a monday?

A hell of a day
...A bit too much excitement for me

The year of our Lord 1453
Saturday 6th of October

The first half of this day is quite lost to me due to a fugue brought about by a tad too much alcohol. But in a short summary, Rahvin brought me over to Gregoire's house. After a slight incident with some bees, we found the old man trying his best to save his daughter. His methods might be a bit unconventional, as we expected. Dr. Hemmelfart was taken with a bit of short-sightedness and attacked the poor old man, which i tried to stop. Gregoire reacted naturally, and wished to continue saving the dying child, so he set out to stop Rahvin with one of his potions. Too bad this led to Gregoire's and Lilly's souls escaping their bodies. 

And then, as if from nothing… Soldiers… Soldiers filling the room. And at their head, the drunk from tuesday! They stripped us and took away all our stuff. This includes the books Gregoire used, and was promising to help me understand!

Me, being unwilling to take on a bunch of trained soldiers with only Rahvin to back me up, I obviously did as commanded. After a bit of dim-witted quarreling from Rahvin, he eventually acquiesced.

We were led outside where we met, the thrice-damned lord Henry Solms-Braunfels. He had ordered Lorgarion to be killed, but I deftly put an end to that. We were not released however, and he took us to the fort, where it seems the rest of our group had dealt with the witch! People really need to start trusting me more in these things…

The whore-son Henry seemed to be a bit too involved in this witch, and broke down crying when he found her body. This is more evidence of his corrupt soul if anything. 

As he cleared up, we were led into the keep. He had me translate one of the rituals in the book. and turned the drunk into a Gargoyle! We got locked up with the beast, and it was to destroy us. Unfortunately for it, we have a few capable fighters in our group, so it got dispatched quite deftly! As we burned the body, we escaped the house through a hole in the floor, and into the caves below.

As we made our way through the caverns, we found two of the wolf-cursed family. The old man was nursing quite the wound in his leg. We decided to approach them diplomatically, instead of just offing them right then and there. This seems to have been a smart move, seeing as they carried with them the secrets to all manners of healing and blessings, as Lorgarion the ever pious might attest to. The old man promised to teach me the codes of his book.

As we were following the trail of that damned heretic Braunfels, we saw his people raping and pillaging the village. I promptly bad Will to remind me to send a few letters, whereas one is for the pope. 

Henry needs to be excommunicated!

Will's notebook - assorted scribbles 1

A deep darkness surrounds Dietersgrunn. I feel it permeate every living creature both in and around this place. The death of Der Nachtwulf has only attracted a worse kind of corruption, the kind we won't easily recover from. The nice family I barely had the pleasure of meeting? Sold their souls to the devil for wolf-witchery, and were hunted by Lucifer himself, in the guise of a woodland monster. What are mere mortals to do when ever stronger Evils hunt each other, unfazed by our meek attempts to drive them back? My resolve grew stronger though, as I dragged the wolfmen's corpses into a blazing fire. It seems even the worst of their kind is not invincible.


As Martinus Longarion returned from his cowardly flight, I knew there was precious little time to lose when he spoke of Der Nachtwulf's handler, the woman from the cabin. My lord was correct in his assumptions, she was a demon indeed. I shall not doubt him in such matters again. Martinus' fear of facing the woman nearly led us astray, but Cat's senses cannot be deceived by even the strongest spell such witches may cast. We swiftly found her lair and ended her reign of terror in fire. Noble or not, all shall fall to the purification.


This is what father spoke of. As long as it coincides with serving Adelwolf, the hunt is my calling.


P.S. Remember to drink more and clean the linens. The sickness of the eyes will fix itself.


Quiet before the storm
"... And the Innocents suffer for his crimes. The Masked one shall come and bring forth untold suffering."

The year of our Lord 1453
Friday 5th of October

It all seems a bit ominous. Yesterday, I had a bit of a tryst with a local lass called Sarah. She was a feisty one indeed. I actually thing I have a few scars… I digress, last night, we had a good feast with dancing and music. People laughed and felt the burden of fear lift from their shoulders.

Yet today… today was a day of terror and hurt. The morning began well enough. A mild hangover, but still. Due to the horror of last night, I had ordered Faust to sleep in my room by the stairs. I feel much better with the muscular crusader here, and the women certainly takes a liking to him too.

As I woke up, Master Lorgarion gave me the status report. The morning glory paled while he talked. The feast had not turned out well at all. Poor Lilly had fallen ill, Rahvin and Martinus had gone to the fort to get some medicine, Will had hurriedly taken to the road to get some supplies, and worst of all.. Through the shutters of my room I saw that a local boy had been murdered. Although I did not know it at the time. I sent Rahvin to check on the boy, Martinus I was to go to Gregoire with a shepherd's pie.

The house of Gregoire was locked when our thrifty clerk knocked on the door. It seems obvious the old man was hiding something.

Rahvin and Faust saw to the poor boy laying in the field. And what grievous wounds they found. Such heinous things shall not be put to pen in my diary. Too bad Crow had taken his leave… we could have used Lady Catherine during this investigation.

While this was happening, I took to testing the Black Lotus. The concoction seems to be made of some extremely potent alcohol and is weakly poisonous. I fed some to a local pig, and after some stomach cramps and a bit of dizzyness… the pig just lifted the fence that held it in, and fled. After seeing this, I tested some for myself, just a tiny drop.

While the effect was nauseating, the feeling I got after i clove a chopping-block in twain was quite exhilarating. From my knowledge, seem to remember there was an order in ancient Egypt that made these. I will have to keep this information to myself.

As the investigation continued, we had ample reason to suspect Gregoire might have had something to do with the murder of that innocent boy. And after a search of his cabin, we confiscated his books (temporarily) to see if there is anything in them that could lead us to his innocence. Other than that, the investigation ground to a halt.

Dr Rahvin and Lorgarion, mentioned that they had seen a campfire from up on the hill last night. This is quite odd this late in the year, so we decided to investigate. It turned out the fire had belonged toa poor Italian family fleeing their woes in Yharnam. After a thorough inspection, Dr. Rahvin declared them free of the plague, but found them to be smuggling an old pagan artifact. The spear had old inscriptions relating to the moon-cursed I had discussed with the group earlier. As a friendly gesture, I offered to pay for it instead if seizing it in the name of the church. To my astonishment, Rahvin pitched in. I wonder why he is so interested in an old Moon-cursed relic…

Although the family was free of the plague, they warned us of an armed group trailing behind them. This group was not free of the plague, and they said their leader was a Leper. We vowed then and there that this other group would not set foot in Dietersgrün.

We headed back, and searched a small cave system that could have had clues about the murder. Trust me, it was a dull affair. Anyhow, when we got back to the town… A band of heavily armed brigands rode into town. 

Their leader was a leper.

Of Feasts and Dreams
Proverbs 23:2 For the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags.

The year of our Lord 1453
4th of October

As we stood over our defeated quarry, a lamenting serenity wrapped around our hearts like a thick woolen blanket. It became hard to speak, as if our voices left us to mourn the poor woman. Before we buried her, Dr. Rahvin patched up the wounded as best he could, but it seems as though the miasma of the jew had taken root in master Logarion. I gave the last rites to the wife of Otmar, and I will pray for her daily.

As soon as the sermon was complete, we were eager to be off. Alas, due to the long travels we had endured, it was getting quite dark, and Logarion was sadly not able to take care of himself. Therefore I decided we should take the hunting lodge that the witch had occupied. Luckily that thrice-damned miscreant had taken her leave, so we faced no opposition. As the group started to make themself ready for bed, we scheduled some guards. I really must take some blame for what comes next, seeing as I did not object to Will staying awake for the second night in a row. As a leader, I am expected to lead by example, and must start taking guard when my companions are too tired. 

I have beaten around the bush too long… In the night, I was waylaid by a beast most terrible! A beast that from latter findings lives off of the organs of its victims. Our work here is not yet done…

Needless to say, I did not get much sleep after that. And we trekked back to the hamlet of Dietersgrün. Where I met my good old friend and servant Bartholemew Reinstedt! Finally, my things will be in order! He also brought me Custus!

After a quick bath, we got started on the feast which was promised us for slaying the wolf menace. And what a lovely time it was. I got to show the locals some of the court dances I know, and the food was not terrible at all!

I also noticed that Lorgarion was up and about! His wounds had healed much better than expected. He implied that the doll-maker was some sort of miracle worker. This understandably peaked my interest, and bad Lorgarion get to the bottom of it.

My family needs a miracle

Bogged down
The hunt for der Nächwolf

The year of our Lord 1453
3rd of October

After a harrowing experience the night before, I was not expecting a good nights sleep, but after a great effort by my men to keep watch, I was able to embrace my tiredness fully.

The night went without a hitch, and despite of the rumpled bed, I slept like a babe in its mothers embrace. Herr Otmar offered to make breakfast, which turned out to be a hilarious amalgamation between a pheasant and a hare stuffed with some weird root-bulb he called "potatoes".

Will and Martinus had spent some of the night patrolling, but they were up in time for Will to prepare the horses for travel. 

After learning that the town is without a holy man, I took it upon myself to hear their confessions. After-all, there is no wonder the town is beset by devil-spawn if it has been forsaken by god.

We set off in good faith, and made good time with Will's immaculate tracking. At first the blood we followed was that of der Nächtwolf. It had been cursed by the allmighty with the plague, which is befitting a monster of Lucifer. The odd part was that the trail stopped after just a few hundred meters(insert archaic measurement here). No matter, there were more than enough tracks to follow, and even if that had failed, the local hunters would lead us to the spot.

A few hours into the trek, the weather began to show signs of the fog these parts are known for. Needless to say, we were leaving the safety of Christian lands. Not long after, we arrived at the bog.

Here we had to leave the horses, for the ground grew mighty perilous. We bad the locals to take our horses back to the village, and we carried our equipment the rest of the way.

In the bog, the tracks started to make less sense… A human's footprints got intertwined with the wolves. As i learned later, it was those of a local witch.
Half-way submerged into a stagnant pool was the carcass of that wolf Martinus shot late last night. The arrow had pierced the belly of the beast. A masterful shot indeed.
Still after this, in the middle of the marsh, we stumbled upon a small "island" made of old roots and soil. This was like reaching heaven for me, as I had been slogging through the swamp, in my heavy plate and armed to the teeth. I got the chance to brush off some of that thrice-damned rotten dirt the entire area was made of. Well, back to the topic. On this small dry-spot we saw signs of a scuffle between the Alpha and this mysterious person. It was obviously the witch of which I eluded to earlier, as we found well-groomed silver hairs…

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. We tracked the human prints straight to the door of an old hunting-lodge. As caution dictates, we were careful and sent our most capable scouts forth to detect danger. Martinus erringly judged the creepy woman in the hut to be of no danger, so he called the rest of us forth to meet her. I knew even before the incident that this woman, who introduced herself as "Analise"(which for the enlightened is an anagram for Sea Nail[an old name for the devil]) was a satanist, but as I stared into her jet-black eyes, she plucked at my mind demanding obscene things. That god-forsaken witch had cast a spell upon me! And worse: no-one would believe me!

As the dim-wit Martinus quite literally preceded to take the role of the devils-advocate, we determined that capturing and bringing the beast to the village would be the best thing to do right now.

We treked to the devils den, and found poor Dietmars wife, dead. The beast had used the poor woman in some sort of self-empowerment ritual. The less said about the wounds.. the better.

As we found the den, all we had to do was lay an ambush. And what an ambush we laid down! We took care of that foul beast with hardly any problems what so ever. I was not scared even a little! No sir!
Dr. Rahvin did something nifty though that I will have to look into further… Fast moving metal orbs, seemed to to quite some damage.

As the Nächtwolf jumped us, i clove it's head so that its brain leaked out, which is an awful shame, seeing as we needed the beast alive. A cursory inspection after the fact showed us that the beast was in fact a most god-less creature, having turned it's back on the messias. It was a Jew.

A plea for help!
The story begins

The year of our Lord 1453
2nd of October

Not too long ago, Will, Faust, Dr. Hemmeilfart, and master Logarion recieved letters from a mutual aquaintance, Father Januch Kramer

Seeing as I had just came home from my time in the holy city of Rome, I was naturally itching to get away from my family again and test my mettle. To be blunt, I was getting quite tired from my brothers nearly hourly insistence that I marry this upstart Hapsburg widow. She is probably barren anyway, being 35 years old and childless.

This call to arms came to me like a gift from god. It might even have the added benefit of gaining the favor from the local nobility? That would be something! Me, brokering an alliance between my family and the Solms-Braunfels! I was never really the greatest diplomat, so that would carry much favor with my brother.

I digress. This was supposed to be about the travels. We left early morning Thursday the 27th of september. in the thick fog the Hassegau county is known for(although the weather cleared up quite nicely), heading for the small hamlet Nordlingen, which in hindsight was a mistake, seeing that the holy father could just have sent us straight to Dietersgrund, and saved us from almost a week of travels. Worst of all, I had forgot to pack my priced graduation sword, Custos!

When we arrived at Nordlingen the 30th of September, the rain had begun to fall. We found the hamlet in a dilapidated state that is all too common after the great cleansing happened. The chapel which housed the Father was in no way better off than the rest. The Father was clad all in white with a symbol reserved for the holy men of Jarnum. I thought this a bit peculiar, and he was oddly evasive about the subject. Something is definately off about this whole ordeal, seeing that he actually seemed startled that I showed up, and if I am wrong may god show me the error of my ways!

Father Januch did not have much time for us, and was anxious to be on his way (or away from us?) To my soul-wrenching disappointment, this call to arms was nothing more than a wolf-hunt to help some god-forsaken hamlet. Not the grand quest I was envisioning as my steppingstone towards fame and fortune.

After a little while we were on our way again. Löwe was beginning to get quite agitated and was refusing the dried meats I had been feeding him. I took that as a sign that it was high time to try out my fishing equipment. It was a lovely night with me and the boys enjoyng some fresh fish under the starlight. I might remember that night for years to come.

As we crossed the border to the Solms-Braunfels' lands, we were stopped by a drunk who in a civilized society would be feeling the lash of the whip. This strange sinner was not only a drunkard but also a habitual gambler. He insisted in wasting his equipment, and giving it to our traveing band in three quite unfair tasks. We left him in the cold rain, with only his shabby trousers. I wrote this down in the introduction-letter I intend to send to the local Lord.

On the cloudy eve of Tuesday the 2nd of October, we arrived in Dietersgrund. The area was quite bountiful, and had been blessed with green pastures. We noticed immediately that the livestock of the locals seemed quite untouched by the ravening devilspawn said to harass the locals.

As we closed in on the hamlet, me and Faust went to ask around at the local logging-camp while the rest found us some lodging. The loggers mentioned that they were afraid of working on the fort that is under construction. The peasant also had tales of the local farmer Otmars wife being taken by a huge pitch black wolf with two heads, but as we saw later it was most definitely a Nachtwolf!

As me and faust arrived at the farmers lodging, we found the rest of the party in a heated discussion with Otmar and two huntsmen. The huntsmen was a father and his son, while they were both a bit on the rugged side, the son was a strapping lad. To everyones dismay, they were nothing but charlatans. Will with his keen eyes and even keener knowledge of animals saw right through their deceit, and exposed them in private as not to cause an uproar. The pelt they had shown the poor farmer was years older than what it should have been.

While that was all well and good, we also took a trip to the local dollmaker (of all things). Mostly I wanted to meet him for the curio of such a profession in such a diminutive settlement, but he also might have some information about the wolf-problem. While he did have a fine Lion-doll and a few tidbits of information, what really peaked my interest was his bottle of Lotus… Needless to say I got a hold of it.

As we went out in the night, to find our accommodations, we heard howls. Spine chilling sounds that made frost and fog rise from the crevasses of the earth. The moon itself dimmed as nearly a dozen wolf beset us, clearly sensing the holy mission we had been tasked with. The spawn of the devil feels a physical pain in the vicinity of holy powers my mentor used to say. Needless to say, he was proven right this night. 

My men fought valiantly. Will took out a few by throwing stones and sticks at them. Faust saved Will from certain dismemberment when he clove a wolf in twain with a single strike from his axe!
As we fought, it was clear that the prayers we offered up was what drove the foul beasts away.

As they ran, we followed them to get their trail as fresh as we could get. It seems that tomorrow, we will be taking the fight to their pit!

[Excerpt from the diary of Adelwolf]

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