Call of the Blood

Bogged down

The hunt for der Nächwolf

The year of our Lord 1453
3rd of October

After a harrowing experience the night before, I was not expecting a good nights sleep, but after a great effort by my men to keep watch, I was able to embrace my tiredness fully.

The night went without a hitch, and despite of the rumpled bed, I slept like a babe in its mothers embrace. Herr Otmar offered to make breakfast, which turned out to be a hilarious amalgamation between a pheasant and a hare stuffed with some weird root-bulb he called "potatoes".

Will and Martinus had spent some of the night patrolling, but they were up in time for Will to prepare the horses for travel. 

After learning that the town is without a holy man, I took it upon myself to hear their confessions. After-all, there is no wonder the town is beset by devil-spawn if it has been forsaken by god.

We set off in good faith, and made good time with Will's immaculate tracking. At first the blood we followed was that of der Nächtwolf. It had been cursed by the allmighty with the plague, which is befitting a monster of Lucifer. The odd part was that the trail stopped after just a few hundred meters(insert archaic measurement here). No matter, there were more than enough tracks to follow, and even if that had failed, the local hunters would lead us to the spot.

A few hours into the trek, the weather began to show signs of the fog these parts are known for. Needless to say, we were leaving the safety of Christian lands. Not long after, we arrived at the bog.

Here we had to leave the horses, for the ground grew mighty perilous. We bad the locals to take our horses back to the village, and we carried our equipment the rest of the way.

In the bog, the tracks started to make less sense… A human's footprints got intertwined with the wolves. As i learned later, it was those of a local witch.
Half-way submerged into a stagnant pool was the carcass of that wolf Martinus shot late last night. The arrow had pierced the belly of the beast. A masterful shot indeed.
Still after this, in the middle of the marsh, we stumbled upon a small "island" made of old roots and soil. This was like reaching heaven for me, as I had been slogging through the swamp, in my heavy plate and armed to the teeth. I got the chance to brush off some of that thrice-damned rotten dirt the entire area was made of. Well, back to the topic. On this small dry-spot we saw signs of a scuffle between the Alpha and this mysterious person. It was obviously the witch of which I eluded to earlier, as we found well-groomed silver hairs…

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. We tracked the human prints straight to the door of an old hunting-lodge. As caution dictates, we were careful and sent our most capable scouts forth to detect danger. Martinus erringly judged the creepy woman in the hut to be of no danger, so he called the rest of us forth to meet her. I knew even before the incident that this woman, who introduced herself as "Analise"(which for the enlightened is an anagram for Sea Nail[an old name for the devil]) was a satanist, but as I stared into her jet-black eyes, she plucked at my mind demanding obscene things. That god-forsaken witch had cast a spell upon me! And worse: no-one would believe me!

As the dim-wit Martinus quite literally preceded to take the role of the devils-advocate, we determined that capturing and bringing the beast to the village would be the best thing to do right now.

We treked to the devils den, and found poor Dietmars wife, dead. The beast had used the poor woman in some sort of self-empowerment ritual. The less said about the wounds.. the better.

As we found the den, all we had to do was lay an ambush. And what an ambush we laid down! We took care of that foul beast with hardly any problems what so ever. I was not scared even a little! No sir!
Dr. Rahvin did something nifty though that I will have to look into further… Fast moving metal orbs, seemed to to quite some damage.

As the Nächtwolf jumped us, i clove it's head so that its brain leaked out, which is an awful shame, seeing as we needed the beast alive. A cursory inspection after the fact showed us that the beast was in fact a most god-less creature, having turned it's back on the messias. It was a Jew.



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