Call of the Blood

Will's notebook - assorted scribbles 1

A deep darkness surrounds Dietersgrunn. I feel it permeate every living creature both in and around this place. The death of Der Nachtwulf has only attracted a worse kind of corruption, the kind we won't easily recover from. The nice family I barely had the pleasure of meeting? Sold their souls to the devil for wolf-witchery, and were hunted by Lucifer himself, in the guise of a woodland monster. What are mere mortals to do when ever stronger Evils hunt each other, unfazed by our meek attempts to drive them back? My resolve grew stronger though, as I dragged the wolfmen's corpses into a blazing fire. It seems even the worst of their kind is not invincible.


As Martinus Longarion returned from his cowardly flight, I knew there was precious little time to lose when he spoke of Der Nachtwulf's handler, the woman from the cabin. My lord was correct in his assumptions, she was a demon indeed. I shall not doubt him in such matters again. Martinus' fear of facing the woman nearly led us astray, but Cat's senses cannot be deceived by even the strongest spell such witches may cast. We swiftly found her lair and ended her reign of terror in fire. Noble or not, all shall fall to the purification.


This is what father spoke of. As long as it coincides with serving Adelwolf, the hunt is my calling.


P.S. Remember to drink more and clean the linens. The sickness of the eyes will fix itself.




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