Dr. Rahvin Hemmelfart


A plague doctor’s mask covers the face of Dr. Rhavin and hides his gruesome skin disease that has ailed him for over a decade. His shame of his own face have made him determined not to remove the mask under any circumstance and left any hope of intimacy behind a long time ago. Not an inch of skin is visible due to his well worn heavy leather outfit that shrouds his appearance, something that makes people around him uneasy. His apt skill with needle and thread can be seen in the intricate repairs he has made to his attire over the years and in the wounds that he has helped mending. Although his appearance incites fear among many that see him, they soon learn to respect his expertise in the medicine arts and many learn to know his kindness free of charge if they can not pay him.

As a traveling doctor, he has seen a lot places, but staying in one village or city for more than a few weeks makes him go restless, so he packs up his belongings on his trusty traveling mule Lucy and starts wandering to the next city.


Dr. Rahvin Hemmelfart

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