Adelwolf Mansfield von Hassegau

This young noble is a fit man, with a passion for knowledge


This young blond man hails from the noble line of Mansfield. He rarely makes a lasting impression on anyone not spending a long time with him, or being extremely unaccustomed to nobility.
For those who spare him a second glance, one can see a strong and athletic, albeit frail, body, and a set of glacial eyes keening with intellect.
He has golden hair said to come from the barbarians of the cold north several centuries ago.
He towers over the general populace with his height of 1.7m.
Always beside him, you will find his black cat, Löwe, named after the family crest.


Adelwolf is the 4th son in line for the county of Hassegau. He is not expected to own any significant portion of land, so his father, Count Baldrick Mansfield von Hassegau, sendt him to get educated in Rome. As he started his studies as a “defender of the faith”, Count Baldrick died a gruesome death at the age of 37. It is said that the count died spewing out his own intestines during a feast.
This made Adelwolf realise how fragile life is, and he began to shift his studies more towards the medial arts, and alchemy.

A dream from the past
On your way home, riding from some event. As you hear your friend Will and his father Leonard Crow approaching on horseback in order to escort you home midway to your home in the settling darkness, you spotted something lurking in the woods close to you. A sickly human whose skin seems to be pulled taut over its skeleton. Its skin is the color of grey and rotten books, with small bumps of dark colors spattered about its frame. Unnaturally tall (about seven feet in height) and gaunt, its legs, arms and fingers are thin and black like the legs of a spider. But what stands out the most for you are its eyes, devoid of pupils and the whites of its eyes swirl from black while in the light from the lanterns to a milky white as the shadows claims its features. At the same moment, your friends and guardians round the corner and before you manage to turn and fully focus on the being it has disappeared into the night. Troubled by nightmares for the next week, and the later death of your father convinced you it was just a dream and in your adult years you only remember a nightmare consisting of the shifting colors of its eyes in the dark.

Adelwolf Mansfield von Hassegau

Call of the Blood Yuven