A powerful mass and a strict face. Is the first impression you get from meeting Faust for the first time.


Cornelius Faust was from a young age of a natural talent when it came to physical work. His father took him to the woods for wood working from when he could swing an axe. He grew up at a small village outside a big forest.

After his father and 80% of the village died of bandit attacks. Faust and the other survivors decided to become mercenaries.

It was early in his mercenary life when he met a man of the church called Father Januch Kramer. The Father was under attack by a group of soldiers and protected women and children from danger. Faust jumped into battle with his own company of seasond companions and fought against these monsters in human form. The fight was long and bloody, but eventually Faust and Januch defeated the enemy. After the battle and when the civilians were in safety, these two new friends sat down in the closest bar and took a well-deserved drink and talk. Faust was not a Christian man, but understood Januch’s faith. They separated as friends and hoped to meet again one day.

Two years later, Faust would meet a (emil) , and help him in (the rebelions?) They became good friends and respected each other as warriors.

That same year, Faust found himself a beautiful wife and settled in a small village like the one he had been born in. But unfortunately, luck did not last, when he came home six months later to meet a certain Dr. Rahvin Hemmelfart on the outskirts of the village.
He had heard rumors about illness and had come to find the source of the problem. Faust helped this mysterious man find the source and all of the evidence led them to his house. There he found his wife in a devilish ritual, where she had poisoned the water source and tried to kill innocents. He could not believe his own eyes. How could this happen?
When the wife threw herself after the throat of Dr. Rahvin Hemmelfart. He had to act. With a swing of his ax, he cleaved his former wife in two and saved the life of a trustworthy man.

After this he had to leave the village and look for a new home. After another three months of exploration, he found the perfect place. A nice plot of land that he could call his own.

( entre Ny kone, Even og Ingmar)

After years of mercenary work and crackling hard work in forests, Faust has built a powerful and muscular body.


first wife: status: killed by Faust


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