Will Crow

A secluded man, fiercely loyal like the animals he holds dear


A lean and weathered frame carries this long-haired fellow forward through his numerous daily tasks at the Mansfield estate and the surrounding lands. Although his eyes are sunk deeply into a weary face, they display a brightness not often seen amongst his peers. While constantly being offered new clothes by the Mansfields, he insists on wearing the tattered garbs his father wore before him. These leather vestments and cloaks are dyed a blend of greens, browns and yellows, resembling fallen leaves.

Discipline and loyalty are paramount to Will, and he expects as much as he gives. A relationship he never doubts is the one between him and his animal companion. Lady Catherine, the pitch-black mastiff, has always followed and protected him relentlessly. Both large and old, this fierce animal inspires a certain fear and awe in those who occasionally get to witness her in action.

Ravens flocked to the Hassegau lands after the arrival of Will and his father, and many would assosciate these birds with both families for years to come. Leonard trained some of them as messengers and couriers, and Will continued this tradition, going as far as to only using his favorites to carry numerous messages to Italy.

Leoonard always refused to have Will schooled with the other noble children, and Will is therefore not of the educated sort. His academic skills extend to reading and writing, but not much further. It seems like his father focused on physical education in Wills formative years, and intended to finish his schooling later, but sadly died before he could. Will remains a man of physical prowess, but a bit slow on more abstract concepts.

Although the Crows were excellent huntsmasters, keeping the grounds clean and the animals content, they were no masters of the hunt. Neither of them had any experience with a bow, instead preferring scare tactics or natural means to relocate animal populations. Leonard was often found instructing nobles poorly on purpose so they wouldn’t have a chance to hurt animals during their hunt. The skilled nobles were led expertly though, making sure their kills were quick and clean.

Breaking points (roughly):
Animal cruelty
Giving in to corruption
Standing idly by while corruption takes hold

Rekindle friendship with Adelwolf
Build strong bonds with fellow hunters
Weed out corruption in immediate vicinity
Destroy all corruption and stand guard until death takes him


Will came to Hassegau from Flemish Belgium with his father, Leonard, 20 years prior to [Start of Game]. It just so seemed that the Mansfield family lacked a pair of groundskeepers, and luckily for the Crows, experience wasn’t a requirement at the time. They served loyally ever since, ingratiating themselves with the family, but also visiting nobles while on hunting trips and excursions.

Seldom seen at the mansions of the Mansfield family, the Crows chose more solitary arrangements, building their own house and mostly providing for themselves. The bond between father and child stood in stark contrast to the Mansfields who were rarely seen together. Although this bond was often questioned by the handmaiden of the Count, as Will often would arrive in the kitchens with bruises and marks. He always simply dismissed their concern with a “rough life out in the woods” and his signature blank expression.

Leonard died around the same time Count Baldrick did, striking a hard emotional blow to young Will while the Mansfields were occupied with their own grief. Thankfully, Will found unexpected support from the youngest Mansfield, Adelwolf, while he was studying abroad. The two grew close after long correspondence, and Will urged Adelwolf to return to the family estate many a time over the years.

Will Crow

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