Leonard Crow

Hunter, huntsmaster, but first and foremost father


Leonard was a proud and handsome man in his best years. He was described by many as a sharp edge, both mentally and physically, with a personality to back it up. No one cared as deeply about young Will as his father and he gave up many of life’s goods to ensure Will had a wonderful and illuminating childhood. Although he at times was stern and harsh with people he didn’t like, he never once raised his voice at those who did not deserve it.


Little is known about Leonard before he brought Will to Hassegau. His résumé included merely hunting, childcare and travel when he was employed by the Mansfields, but he quickly grew into an important individual in the entourage of the Count, sometimes advising him on matters concerning the lands.

Some debate flared up surrounding the time of his death and the coincidence of it being within a week of the Count. Some of the more scheming nobles even speculated that he was in some way responsible, although such claims would never hold up in court against a kind soul such as Leonard.

Leonard Crow

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