Call of the Blood

A hell of a day

...A bit too much excitement for me

The year of our Lord 1453
Saturday 6th of October

The first half of this day is quite lost to me due to a fugue brought about by a tad too much alcohol. But in a short summary, Rahvin brought me over to Gregoire's house. After a slight incident with some bees, we found the old man trying his best to save his daughter. His methods might be a bit unconventional, as we expected. Dr. Hemmelfart was taken with a bit of short-sightedness and attacked the poor old man, which i tried to stop. Gregoire reacted naturally, and wished to continue saving the dying child, so he set out to stop Rahvin with one of his potions. Too bad this led to Gregoire's and Lilly's souls escaping their bodies. 

And then, as if from nothing… Soldiers… Soldiers filling the room. And at their head, the drunk from tuesday! They stripped us and took away all our stuff. This includes the books Gregoire used, and was promising to help me understand!

Me, being unwilling to take on a bunch of trained soldiers with only Rahvin to back me up, I obviously did as commanded. After a bit of dim-witted quarreling from Rahvin, he eventually acquiesced.

We were led outside where we met, the thrice-damned lord Henry Solms-Braunfels. He had ordered Lorgarion to be killed, but I deftly put an end to that. We were not released however, and he took us to the fort, where it seems the rest of our group had dealt with the witch! People really need to start trusting me more in these things…

The whore-son Henry seemed to be a bit too involved in this witch, and broke down crying when he found her body. This is more evidence of his corrupt soul if anything. 

As he cleared up, we were led into the keep. He had me translate one of the rituals in the book. and turned the drunk into a Gargoyle! We got locked up with the beast, and it was to destroy us. Unfortunately for it, we have a few capable fighters in our group, so it got dispatched quite deftly! As we burned the body, we escaped the house through a hole in the floor, and into the caves below.

As we made our way through the caverns, we found two of the wolf-cursed family. The old man was nursing quite the wound in his leg. We decided to approach them diplomatically, instead of just offing them right then and there. This seems to have been a smart move, seeing as they carried with them the secrets to all manners of healing and blessings, as Lorgarion the ever pious might attest to. The old man promised to teach me the codes of his book.

As we were following the trail of that damned heretic Braunfels, we saw his people raping and pillaging the village. I promptly bad Will to remind me to send a few letters, whereas one is for the pope. 

Henry needs to be excommunicated!



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