Call of the Blood

...And retribution for the faithful

...Those who walk in darkness shall feel the retributing rays of the sun!

The year of our Lord 1453
Sunday 7th of October

The beginning of this entry follows the last in lock-step.

As we had made our way to Dietersgrun, we found the satanist's wagon ready and waiting for us like a gift from above. For we knew that therein was our salvation. As Faust, Will and I snuck up to the carriage, my good friend Will made Lady Catherine bark distractingly at the sinning guards. Too bad that they did not notice it, for they just kept on ravishing the poor girl. Well, I got our stuff and promptly had help donning my armor. As we finished up, the poor lilly (who previously got soulmelded to a doll) let out some sort of magical emanation. Despite a valiant effort by Faust, and Will, we quickly got overrun by guards. 

Due to the extreme predicament, we were forced to flee up the mountain and hide in the cave-system. By divine grace, the area was surely intended for us to use, by the grace of God. We utilized this to create an avalanche that smote the arch-heretic himself. We just added some cleansing flames to help him on his way to hell.

As the time grew closer to dawn, we figured we had to catch some sleep. As god planned, the cave system was perfect for our clique. I must admit that even I can fall to sin from time to time… And one of my many vices are that of curiosity. I got Dr. Hemmelfart a tad bit drunk on some of my extra strong alcohol. During the night shift I had so graciously signed up for, i snuck of the doctor's mask… I swear I will keep your secret, my good doctor. On my honor! I too know how it is to must live a life of lies.

Something strange happened this night. A scuffle between my good old friend Will, and my loyal servant Lorgarion. Will threw a rock at Lorgarion, and accused him of having been stabbed. While there is absolutely possibilities that poor Lorgarion is still under the spell of the witch, I was sure that black magic would be burned off with the rising dawn! And terrible nightmares arent that far fetched in this wretched hive of scum and villany.

After we awoke from our slumber around noon-time, we decided we should help Ottmar get his daughter back, and repay his hospitality through helping him with the recent tragedy. We found and disarmed two of the Arch-Satanists Lackeys without much preamble. One was justly executed by our (tad bit overzealous) friend Will, the other we crucified in the field outside.

I wonder what the next day will bring as we trek to this fount of healing. This holy sunday gave us the victory of God, but can we expect the same of a monday?



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