Call of the Blood

Quiet before the storm

"... And the Innocents suffer for his crimes. The Masked one shall come and bring forth untold suffering."

The year of our Lord 1453
Friday 5th of October

It all seems a bit ominous. Yesterday, I had a bit of a tryst with a local lass called Sarah. She was a feisty one indeed. I actually thing I have a few scars… I digress, last night, we had a good feast with dancing and music. People laughed and felt the burden of fear lift from their shoulders.

Yet today… today was a day of terror and hurt. The morning began well enough. A mild hangover, but still. Due to the horror of last night, I had ordered Faust to sleep in my room by the stairs. I feel much better with the muscular crusader here, and the women certainly takes a liking to him too.

As I woke up, Master Lorgarion gave me the status report. The morning glory paled while he talked. The feast had not turned out well at all. Poor Lilly had fallen ill, Rahvin and Martinus had gone to the fort to get some medicine, Will had hurriedly taken to the road to get some supplies, and worst of all.. Through the shutters of my room I saw that a local boy had been murdered. Although I did not know it at the time. I sent Rahvin to check on the boy, Martinus I was to go to Gregoire with a shepherd's pie.

The house of Gregoire was locked when our thrifty clerk knocked on the door. It seems obvious the old man was hiding something.

Rahvin and Faust saw to the poor boy laying in the field. And what grievous wounds they found. Such heinous things shall not be put to pen in my diary. Too bad Crow had taken his leave… we could have used Lady Catherine during this investigation.

While this was happening, I took to testing the Black Lotus. The concoction seems to be made of some extremely potent alcohol and is weakly poisonous. I fed some to a local pig, and after some stomach cramps and a bit of dizzyness… the pig just lifted the fence that held it in, and fled. After seeing this, I tested some for myself, just a tiny drop.

While the effect was nauseating, the feeling I got after i clove a chopping-block in twain was quite exhilarating. From my knowledge, seem to remember there was an order in ancient Egypt that made these. I will have to keep this information to myself.

As the investigation continued, we had ample reason to suspect Gregoire might have had something to do with the murder of that innocent boy. And after a search of his cabin, we confiscated his books (temporarily) to see if there is anything in them that could lead us to his innocence. Other than that, the investigation ground to a halt.

Dr Rahvin and Lorgarion, mentioned that they had seen a campfire from up on the hill last night. This is quite odd this late in the year, so we decided to investigate. It turned out the fire had belonged toa poor Italian family fleeing their woes in Yharnam. After a thorough inspection, Dr. Rahvin declared them free of the plague, but found them to be smuggling an old pagan artifact. The spear had old inscriptions relating to the moon-cursed I had discussed with the group earlier. As a friendly gesture, I offered to pay for it instead if seizing it in the name of the church. To my astonishment, Rahvin pitched in. I wonder why he is so interested in an old Moon-cursed relic…

Although the family was free of the plague, they warned us of an armed group trailing behind them. This group was not free of the plague, and they said their leader was a Leper. We vowed then and there that this other group would not set foot in Dietersgrün.

We headed back, and searched a small cave system that could have had clues about the murder. Trust me, it was a dull affair. Anyhow, when we got back to the town… A band of heavily armed brigands rode into town. 

Their leader was a leper.



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